Community Weigh In - How to Declutter Our Cake and Cookie Decorating Stations

by Natalie Madison


As I struggle to take all my cake-decorating stuff from an ample, organized, beautiful space to a much smaller shared-use room, I realize I must find ways to declutter and reorganize.

how to declutter decorating cake stations

How have YOU done it?

🎉What are your best organizing tricks, tips, and tools?
🎉Do you do some Spring Cleaning at the beginning of the year?
🎉How do you decide what to keep and what to toss?
🎉How have you designed your space to work smarter?

"I can't find my stuff in the clutter! Half of it's buried in storage; half is here in boxes. I keep delaying because I'm having trouble knowing what to do first."

I decided to start with the boxes of food coloring.  (Emphasis on BOXES. Eesh.)Decluttering Food Coloring

I had over 56 bottles (and that's after I tossed the dried-out, mostly empty, or weird colors).  I stopped counting at 56.  I realized that I had a color collection addiction!  All those one-off colors were purchased because clients needed a specific color for their cookies or cake flowers.  I have an art degree.  I KNOW you can mix core colors to achieve secondary, tertiary, and all the other pretty color blends.  So why didn't I mix my own?  

how to mix your own icing colors

I'm determined to do just that. 

🎉I purchased an Artisan Accents Core Color Gel Starter Set containing ten core colors and a bonus Breakfast Blue.  There are ten core colors and a bonus Breakfast Blue.  There are 11 total colors to replace 56+ bottles. (Plus, dilution solution to turn those gel colors into airbrush colors!)
🎉I've downloaded and researched their color mixing chart. 
🎉I'm going to spend some time doing a little color mixing!
🎉 I will donate mostly full-color bottles to the local culinary school, where they'll be put to good use (and stored in a space much larger than mine).

That's phase one.  What should I tackle next?

How have you organized your workstation?  Please, please share your ideas with us and the community.  Help a girl out. 🤩

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