Create These Edible Fondant Penguins Today!

by Trevor Cook

Penguins! Who doesn't love penguins?! We've just released another incredible tutorial on Vimeo! Join Natalie to learn some new skills as she explains and demonstrates how to make these adorable arctic penguins!

How to Create Edible Fondant Penguins from Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & Supply on Vimeo.



Impress your friends and rock your baking world!

Ingredients and tools:
8oz of black Fondarific fondant:
8oz white Renshaw fondant:
8oz orange Renshaw fondant:
8oz blue Renshaw fondant:
8oz red Renshaw fondant:
Black pearls:
Ball tool:
Dresden tool:
Tip 8:
Rolling pin:
White poppy paint:
Poppy paint super shine:
Paint brush:




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