Eat Your Heart Out - Nailed It Style Cake Decorating Challenge`

by Natalie Madison

Our latest Nailed It Style Challenge Class was SOOO much fun and the students created amazing looking anatomical hearts!  CLICK MORE FOR VIDEO...Heart cake challenge - accepted! Inspired by an artist's rendering, we turned out an absolutely gorgeous anatomical human heart cake in under two hours. And if I may say so, I think we NAILED IT! We scattered roses across the top - and I can't wait to show you how we made that inset honeycomb detail happen. The result is a romantic and show-stopping (dare we say heart-stopping? Sorry) cake that's sure to impress.

Watch the video below...and create your very own Heart Stopping Cake!

Inspiration Mathijs Vissers' Digital Mixed Media "Sweet Heart": [LINK TO MATHIJS VISSERS ANATOMICAL HEART -]



Tools and Supply List:

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