Garden Tea Party Inspired Cookies - New full length Tutorial on Vimeo!

by Ben Eslick

Take your summer tea parties to the next level with these elegant, fancily decorated Garden Tea Party Inspired Cookies! These ornate sugar cookies are sure to impress with their delicately balanced icings, piped meticulously to achieve a realism unlike what you'd see on just any old iced sugar cookie. Follow along with Natalie, step by step as she guides you through the four part process of sketching the cookie, crafting the icing, finding the proper symmetry of color and consistency, and decorating your cookies to garden tea party perfection!

See the full tutorial on our Vimeo on Demand Channel here:

Mixer with Paddle or Whip Attachment
Mist Pump:
Piping Bags:
Scribe Tool:
Artisan Accent Colors:
Wilton 349 and 16 Piping tips:
Bowls and Spoons for mixing

1/4th cup of meringue powder:
1 pound of sifted powdered sugar:
1/3d cup of cold water


Here's what to expect in this video at different time stamps:
0:46 - Sketching the Cookie
3:36 - Mixing the Icing
11:59 - Color and Consistency
28:56 - Decorating the Cookie


Go see what you can learn today!

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