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by Natalie Madison
Introducing the New Arkansas Cake & Cookie Artist
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Here at Art Is In Cakes, we take many calls and messages daily from guests looking for a great bakery that offers everything from delicious treats to decked out designs.  Our old cake web page gets approximately 80 views per day.  Unfortunately, our bakery production has been limited to just a few events a year.

Rather than saying NO, we want to refer YOU.   

Natalie has recently purchased three new web domains: , , and   

If you would like to be listed on any one of these three categories, we would love to host and promote you…both brick and mortar as well as cottage industry.  And the cost is lower than any other referral site you’ll find.  Pay month to month at $15 per month, or join annually for $120.00.

Our first example listing is live and visible on our website:  Swing by and see it in action.


Pay $15 per month for month to month, cancel anytime, per listing. 

Pay $120 for an annual listing per category.

You’ll get a primo head shot image so clients can see you!  Plus a description of your talents.  Below that image will be your requirements…booking time, blackout dates, minimums, etc.  And you’ll have a picture gallery of up to 10 images.  Plus, each listing has a call to action button that links directly to your Website, Facebook Page, or other messaging platform.


Listing Requirements:

  1. We offer 3 different categories – decorated cakes, decorated cookies, baked desserts. Price is per listing per category.  If you wish to be listed in more than one category, your price will increase to $15 per category.
  2. We will need a professional head shot. Don’t have one?  We will schedule a time to take one for you.  We will pose you in our classroom with lots of pretty lighting.  Just dress your best and most professional.
  3. We need a photo of your kitchen space/work environment. Nice, neat, tidy, and clean.
  4. We need at least 4 photos of your favorite edible art projects. Please note, a gallery of up to 10 images will be produced for you, with your first image being your work environment.  We recommend providing images that include your subject matter centered and cropped to a square.  If not already cropped, our gallery parameters will do it for you.  Just keep your cakes nice and centered.

Under Cottage Law you will not be able to list or promote items that include cream cheese, dairy based icings or ganache, or egg based custards or curds.  Cut fruit is also a no-no.  Real alcohol bottles are also not allowed unless you have a license to legally sell alcohol.

Take advantage of this referral offer, and let us say YES when customers and past clients walk in the door to ask for a celebration cake or dessert.

To sign up, purchase here:

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