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Hanging Garden Floral Cakes - Learn how to use a palette knife in this new tutorial!

Hanging Garden Floral Cakes – whether you’re painting an acrylic masterpiece, or designing a decadent cake, the palette knife is a wonderful tool for creating beautiful and elegant impressions. In this tutorial, we uncover just how easy it is to create these abstract textured designs. NO art degree needed! We cover all the basics from layering, light and stroke direction, and creating tones that will bring your floral designs to life, right before your very eyes!


Buttercream Icing -
Food Coloring -
Piping Bags -
Coupler -
Leaf Tip -
Rose Tip -
Palette Knives and Tools -

00:37 – Chapter One: Inspiration!
03:13 – Light/stroke Direction
04:48 – Palette Knives
07:32 – Chapter Two: Practice
08:54 – Creating your base
10:00 – Applying Texture
13:08 – Lighter Color/Texture
18:39 – Piping additional petals
20:10 – Chapter Three: Cake Design
23:03 – Closed Impression
23:37 – Midtones
27:04 – Palette Knife buds
29:52 – Adding Greenery
31:54 – Piping Leaves
32:51 – Connect with us for more!

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