How to create flower designs with Russian Piping Tips - A new tutorial on Vimeo on Demand

by Ben Eslick

Russian piping tips are perfect for creating elaborate and creative designs atop your cakes and cupcakes! The latest craze in cake decorating...These tips will help you achieve buttercream flowers and designs in more than half the time of a regular tip! In our new Vimeo on Demand tutorial, we explore the techniques associated with successful piping, how to create a buttercream plug, and how to produce real, tangible designs with three seperate specialized Russian tips. The possibilities are endless with these babies! Full Tutorial here:


Russian Tips -

Leaf Tips -

Buttercream Icing -

Piping Bags -

Food Coloring -


00:33 – Chapter One: Practice
01:45 – Generations of Russian Tips
02:26 – Preparing the Bag
03:37 – How to Pipe
06:10 – Creating Groupings
07:32 – The Leaf Tip
08:45 – Chapter Two: Application
09:07 – Buttercream Plug: What is it?
10:18 – Color Families
11:13 – Buttercream Plug: Spoon Method
13:20 – Buttercream Plug: Piping Method
14:43 – Chrysanthemum Tip
15:35 – Cactus Tip
17:20 – Rose Tip
17:55 – Connect with us for more!

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