How to Create Pink & Glossy Cookie Decorations for Teens - a new free tutorial with helpful tips!

by Ben Eslick

Pink and Glossy Sugar Cookie Decorations, the newest "How To" from Art Is In Cakes.

Take your cookies to the next level with dragees, edible glitter, and elegant sprinkle designs.

What are all the ways you spruce up your cookie decorations? Icings obviously the go to, but we LOVE to expand upon our cookie creations with a multitude of dessert decorating accessories!

We offer a wide variety of supplies to enhance your cookie decorations, like our cake and cookie decorating essentials collection, or our Sprinkles, Jimmies, Non pareils and Confetti Collection! However you’re feeling inspired, we want to supply you with what you need!

Here's a timelapse for your viewing entertainment. A condensed and slightly sped up version of the full tutorial! 

 Featuring our star cutters, The Lipstick Tube, Butterfly, and Diamond Jewel.


  • Quality American-made metal cookie cutters that are certified food safe.
  • Each cutter can easily be used for cookie dough, as a pastry cutter or fondant cutter. They can also be used to create fun shapes in soft food such as cheese, sandwiches, fruit or Jello.
  • Many people also enjoy using them for craft projects, stocking stuffers, decorating or wedding favors, too.
  • Made in the US.

Pink And Glossy Cookie Decorating Trailer, a little precursor for the full decorating experience.

 This tutorial covers our step by step process for creating vibrant and unique cookie decorating designs, all within a fun and cute theme that is perfect for parties, after school events, and even sleepovers!

What's to come...

Showcasing color tones for Pink and Glossy Cookie Designs.

 In Beautiful Blush and Rose Gold tones, made from our Royal Icing Mix.

Applying Edible Glitter to our cookies with our Dust Pump. In this case, we created a unique Edible Glitter color by combing our Strawberry and Copper colors to match with our darkest icing tone.

Close up of our final product butterfly cookie, plated and ready to eat! Highlighting it's scribe tool heart and dot design and golden dragee embellishments.

Our new full length tutorial.

Our Pink and Glossy Cookie Decorating Tutorial features glimmering designs, state of the art piping and decorating techniques, and a vast array of cookie decorating tools and adornments for a fabulously fun result. Your kids will LOVE making these almost as much as they love eating them!


Lipstick Cutter

Butterfly Cutter

Diamond Jewel Cutter


Royal Icing

Piping Bags

Techno Glitter (In Strawberry and Copper)

Dust Pump

Golden Dragees


00:27 – Tools and Ingredients

00:41 – Massaging your bag

01:44 – Measuring your cut

02:26 – Cutting your Piping Bag

02:35 – Piping your border and filling (lipstick)

03:29 – Using the Glitter Pump

03:38 – Middle Section of Butterfly (Icing and Dragee)

04:46 – Finishing details on lipstick

08:07 – Filling in Butterfly wings (Detailing)

10:07 – The Diamond Jewel

10:29 – Using the Scribe Tool

11:25 – The Bottom Section of Diamond Jewel

13:06 – Connect with us for more!





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