How To Make Pecan Praline French Macarons

by Ben Eslick

Liven up the dinner party with these fun sized, delectable little Macarons. Go step by step with Natalie as she provides a fun and engaging, all inclusive Macaron making experience, no matter your age, demographic, or baking expertise. This video includes state of the art tips and techniques that'll take your Macarons to the next level. Join us as we recap the finer details of this intimate exploration into French Macaron making. View it from the perspective as if you were sitting right there in one of her local classes!

Pecan Praline French Macarons Trailer from Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & Supply on Vimeo.


• Mixer with Whip Attachment
• Sillcone Parchment:
• Weight Scale:
• Sillicone Flat Spatula:
• Baking/cookie Sheet:
• Decorator’s Piping Bag:
• Coupler for Cookie Batter:
• Coupler for Filling:
• Toothpick

• Buttercream:
• Lorann Oils Praline and Cream:
• Egg Whites
• Granulated Sugar
• Superfine Almond Flour:
• Pecan Flour (Optional)
• Food Coloring:
• Powdered Sugar
• Caramel


You're just a few steps away from the tips and tricks needed to make the perfect Macarons. Go see what you can learn today!

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