How to overcome the pricing argument: "it's just flour, sugar, and eggs right?"

by Natalie Madison

Don't get me wrong...being a Personal Shopper sounds like it could be fun! But we both know, that what we do, well it costs more than just the bag of groceries. So, how would you shift the tone of the conversation if a client feels your pricing should center around just the cost of ingredients?

How would you shift the conversation and flip it to the positive?

I hope you never have to deal with this situation, but if it does happen, with a bit of practice, you CAN be prepared to diffuse the tension, pivot to the positive, and make the customer feel that she's getting something of great value - YOU!


Situation:  I've just prepared a quote for a cake that has a ton of tiny little hand-worked details.  There aren't molds for these things (unless I figure out a way to make them).  It's going to take several hours for me to hand cut and shape and create what the customer wants.  I give the price to the customer. 

Her response: "Wow!  I wasn't expecting it to be that high.  The last time I got a cake was at (fill in the blank) and it was only $29.99.  I mean, it's just flour, sugar, eggs, and oil right?"

My response, in almost every one of these situations:  First I breathe deep and smile big... (THE REST OF THE STORY REVEALED IN OUR LIVESTREAM BELOW - watch the replay.)



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