Why Should You Use a Quality Cake Box and Cake Board to Transport Your Cakes and Cookies?

by Artisin Team

The Cake Box and Cake Board: Underrated but Essential Tools for Cake Decorators, Cookie Decorators, and Dessert Bakers.

You really don't need us to tell you why a high quality cake box is important.  We offer cake boxes and boards that are durable, practical, and pretty, that help you get your cakes to parties, safely and stress free.


Is it just me, or did the toothpick-attempt to protect the cake remind you of Pinhead from Hellraiser?  Yes?  Maybe? Just A little Retro Pop Culture to tell my age.

Our little Info-Spoof Video is just for entertainment.  We know you have no plans to put a thousand toothpicks into your cakes for transport, but we DID want to highlight how much easier carrying a cake or any dessert inside a box would be and poke a little fun at Infomercials in general. :)

Your Best Baking Supplies and Toolkits Should Always Include Great Quality Cake Boxes

When choosing boxes for presentation and transport safety, we always consider quality, strength, and beauty.  And we think Southern Champion's Classic White Bakery Boxes are a Great Option for you.  Why?

  • Their Bakery Boxes are Made in the USA.
  • The One-piece box construction ensures easy folding and assembly.
  • Boxes are strong, but also lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Southern Champion Cake Boxes are a thicker mil cardboard, clay coated, and able to withstand humidity without collapsing.
  • The sidewalls do not bow inward toward your precious cake.
  • A full line of sizes are available to carry everything from cookies to pies to cupcakes and cakes.
  • The boxes are easy to customize with stamps, stickers, ribbons, and even paper wrapping.
  • Southern Champion believes in Sustainability and uses a percentage of recycled materials in their paperboard while working closely with experts on renewable resources.

We love Southern Champion Tray's boxes and boards and highly recommend them to anyone shopping for a quality cake box or board.

White Bakery Boxes Can Reverse to Kraft Brown

Prefer the Kraft Colored Boxes?  Pro-tip!  You can turn the box inside out and assemble from the opposite side and you now have Kraft Brown on the outside and a bright white interior!  And you still get the benefit of the clay coated moisture barrier!

Reverse the Classic White Cake Box and it becomes a Kraft Brown Cake Box.

Reverse the classic white box to get a kraft brown box.  You now have 2 in 1 boxes!  Woot Woot.

How Should You Measure Your Cakes to Select the Right Sized Cake Board and Box?

Start by measuring the diameter of your cake and then add 2 inches.  That will be the board and box size to select in the store.

Baking and dessert making has been a tradition for as long as any of us can remember. Making treats for friends and family makes us happy, and we certainly don't want to lose that joy by risking damage to our desserts during transport. Choosing the right sized board and box is important for the safety and transportation of our creations. 

One Thing is Clear - Dessert Presentation Matters

Clear Cupcake Containers for Pretty Presentation

In today's Instagrammable and Pin World, the presentation is just as important as the treat itself.  Sometimes you need a bakery box that supports AND shows off your desserts!  Cake boxes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some have windows or are completely clear so you can see your lovely desserts. Some have inserts for holding cupcakes and muffins in place. All are designed to make your life easier while showcasing your cake decorations or cookie decorations.

And When Choosing the Board Beneath Your Cakes, Go With Greaseproof and Easy to Clean

Grease proof cake boards are the only way to go when it comes to professional cake presentation.

One-Piece Construction Cake Boxes are Easy to Assemble.

You do not have to be a seasoned maker to use boards and boxes.  Never put a box together?  No worries.  Follow along as Trevor walks you through the How To.

  Begin by folding all of the box fold creases, then insert the side tabs from the outside to the inside of the box.

Think of all the events where you needed to bring something. Worried about how to pack it, travel with it, and the stress of remembering to bring home your dish? End all the worry with boards and boxes. Transport pies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, fruit, candies, breads, and more. Keep your project safe from damage, spillage, dust, and outside germs.

Boards offer a solid foundation to build your creation upon. (Ours are grease proof  so those projects won’t bleed unto your base.) Boxes and containers help safely transport and deliver a polished look to your presentation.

Whatever your need, we are here to serve you and help you present your art in its finest format.


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