It's National Donut Day!

by Natalie Madison
Stack of Donuts Cake
National Donut Day brings memories of rolling down the main drag in our little hometown of Van Buren stuffing donuts in my face between shifts...gear shifting that is.  I drove a standard, and Van Buren was hilly.  I would drive my sister to school in the morning, and Paul's Bakery was conveniently on the way...if you took the long route. 
We would stop, not every day...but almost, and pick up a bag of holes and a seriously awesome donut each.  My favorite?  Paul's called it the Napoleon.  It was a bismark as big as my hand, filled nearly to bursting with a light and fluffy chocolate buttercream, glazed in dark chocolate ganache, sprinkled with pecans, and topped with a little swirl of fluffy whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.  It was so rich it would make your eyeballs sweat. It required nearly a gallon of milk to counter balance the richness.
We would eat our magnificent donut in the parking lot, because there were never any seats left inside, then I would drive on up to school to drop Sandy off, while steadily popping donut holes in my mouth.  How I managed to get through first period of school without dropping into a sugar coma, I'll never know.  I still dream about Paul's Bakery and that magnificent donut.
Paul's Bakery 1800 Main St., Van Buren Arkansas
Paul's Bakery, Established 1959 and still going strong.
1800 Main St., Van Buren AR 72956

We can't just let National Donut Day pass us by without showing off a few of our own...Donut Cakes that is.

Donuts and Police Cruiser Cake
Police Cruiser with Donuts Cake
Reminisce and make donuts today!
Want to try your hand at making baked cake doughnuts?  We have the perfect doughnut pan for you!
Considering donut inspired cookies?  We have cookie cutters galore, but we think you'll love the We Go Together Set including Coffee or Milk with your Donuts created by Sweet Sugarbelle. 
Obviously, we are going Dognuts for Doughnuts today.  View our inspiration board on Pinterest to see Holey Matrimony trends, Galaxy Donuts, cookies and cakes that look like donuts, and my favorite...donuts pretending to be pineapples. *squeel*

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