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Natalie Madison Opens New Cake Decorating and Baking Supply Store by Lydia McAllister

Little Rock Soiree created a beautiful article celebrating our grand opening and our diversification at Art Is In Cakes, 9807 W. Markham, Little Rock, AR 72205.

Excerpt from Little Rock Soiree's Lydia McAllister:

When classes aren’t in session, the classroom doubles as a party room. The store provides the cake and buttercreams, and a decorator helps partygoers complete their cake design or cupcakes. 

"The kiddos love it," Madison said. "But the room isn’t just for kids' parties. We also cater to gender reveals, team building and bridal party events. The clients have the option of having a fully decorated cake ready to go, or to have a more hands-on experience by finishing the details with the help of their decorator."

Read more at Little Rock Soiree

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