New This Week - Kids in the Kitchen

by Brad Anders

Baking for Real - Baking for Fun

Baking is a fun AND educational activity parents can do with their kids! By letting them join in on the fun in the kitchen, you can create lasting and joyful memories while stimulating their imagination and creativity.

Baking Science: Baking teaches kids real world skills and we have the perfect baking kits to add to your homeschool curriculum.

  • Math. Following a recipe teaches kids about fractions and division (How much is 1/4 compared to 1/3?) and even geometry (What’s the difference between an 8” round pan and an 8”x8” square pan?)
  • Science. Baking is a science that relies on precise measurements. It also teaches kids about chemical and physical reactions.
  • Reading and Vocabulary. Following a recipe is a great way to improve reading comprehension by letting kids see immediate and tangible results from what they’ve just read.
  • Organizational Skills. Baking is a wonderful way to teach kids organizational skills such as separating and categorizing items.
  • Increased Focus. When baking, kids have to stay focused and attentive to each step of the recipe to ensure success.
  • First This, Then That.  Recipe following also helps young students learn to follow steps in sequence.

Tips on teaching kids how to bake.

  • Keep things simple. Nothing will make a kid want to quit more than feeling frustrated, so start off with an easy recipe.
  • Give them options, but let them choose what to make. Present them with a choice between two or three recipes and let them decide.
  • Assign roles. One kid might like to prep ingredients, while another likes to clean up.
  • Dress for the job. Getting into character can sometimes change their mood, viewpoint, and willingness to get into the cooking.  Let them dress the part with aprons and chef uniforms.
  • Clean as you go. It helps keep things neat and organized, plus it teaches good habits.
  • But don’t stress about the mess. This may seem to contradict the previous tip, but it’s important to remember that kids are still kids. They’re gonna make a mess, so don’t stress. It’s part of the fun!

Feeling Overwhelmed?  Mom, Dad, ... You've Got This!

There are tons of great resources out there to help Parents at Home, focusing on Home School Sessions and Virtual Learning.

And with strange Covid Pandemic Conditions, Parents working from Home - Dad's are really getting involved too!  Thanks Dad!  We found great home schooling resources for you, too!

Need Inspiration? 

It really is easy.  Here's a step by step how-to video that shows what we did with the Llama Cake Kit.  Grab the Supplies and Join Along!

Supplies Needed:

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