Pumpkin Spice Cake Rolls are Dreamy!

by Natalie Madison

Especially topped with Nuts and Toffee Bits and filled with Vanilla Bean Buttercream.

Looking for a new twist on the traditional Pumpkin Thanksgiving dessert? My husband can't get enough of this one!!! (He's asked me to make it 3 weeks in a row!!!) It's like Pumpkin Pie in Cake Form!  Join us as we create Pumpkin Spice Swiss Rolls from scratch! This recipe is super easy and only takes a little bit of prep. Grab a mixer, grab your ingredients and have a blast making your new favorite dessert!

Pro Tip #1:  Try rolling that cake without the filling, while still attached to the parchment, and chill it for 15 minutes.  Then unroll it, remove the parchment, fill it, and re-roll it!  It will hold the partial "roll" shape and make it a little easier to roll while filled if this is a new experience for you!

Pro Tip #2: If just "going for it" when rolling, make sure the cake is cool enough that it does not melt your icing, but warm enough not to crack.   If a cake cools completely while laying flat, it will want to retain that flat shape, causing cracks as you force it to roll.

Pro Tip #3: We used a blend of Vanilla Bean Paste and Pure Vanilla for our buttercream icing.  1 Tablespoon of that mixture to 24 ounces of buttercream, created the most heavenly "whipped cream" flavor that reminded us of those piles of delicious vanilla bean whipped cream Grandma used to add to our pie!


Get the recipe here.


And the toffee pieces MAKE this! So don't forget those! https://artisincakes.com/products/toffee-candy-crunch-16oz


And here's a link to the vanilla goodness! https://artisincakes.com/search?q=vanilla+lorann


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