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Step by Step - How to Pipe Borders - From Basic Piping Fundamentals to Beautiful Combinations in less than 30 minutes!

Ever wondered how professional bakers create those perfect decorative piping borders on cakes? It's not as hard as it looks! In this video, you'll learn step by step how to create the perfect piping buttercream borders that are sure to impress. From which tips to use (#10, Star, #104, shell, large star) to how to hold your pastry bag at just the right angle to make different shapes, it's all here in this easy-to-follow video.

And, the video is designed to take you through the same process that I use in my classes, from beginner to spectacular!



0:00 Introduction.

0:35 Preparing bags.

2:20 Holding/squeezing the piping bag to prevent muscle fatigue and increase piping control.

3:13 Beginning Piping: Holding the bag at 90 degrees (perpendicular).

4:11 45 degree technique.

5:04 Flat technique.

5:40 Using #10 piping tip to create pearls.

9:16 Using the star tip at 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and flat, plus wrist motions to create different borders and effects.

13:40 Using the #104 tip to create swags and ruffles.

16:40 Using different piping tips to create compound borders that stack together.

20:57 Adding flair with spirals and scrollwork with little details and embellishments.

 In this video, I use:

  • Piping tip small round - a #3 or #4 would be ideal.
  • Piping tip #10 - round.
  • Piping tip #18 or #16 - star.
  • Piping tip #21 - star.
  • Piping tip #104 - petal tip/ruffle tip.
  • Disposable Piping Bag in 12" length.
  • Standard Coupler (without a notch).

Get ALL of my favorite piping tips, plus storage case, and bonus rose nails and bonus couplers here:

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