The Lattice Cutting Wheel.

The cake decorating tools are finally unpacked.  We are officially open.  Lots of new products are on the way.  And somewhere in the midst of it all, I've just realized that it's pie season!

We have beautiful Emile Henry ruffled pie dishes, lovely wooden rolling pins, inventive new silicone pie crust shields, and lots of new pie crust lattice cutters in stock.  I'm especially excited about the pie crust cutters.  I've always been drawn to beautiful pie crusts, but my patience level often gets in the way of making those stunning details.

That's why I'm especially intrigued by the new lattice wheel hand roller.  It promises to make beautiful, even lattice crusts in just a fraction of the time, and so it does!

But beyond the basic pie crust, it can be used in so many ways!  

We will be demonstrating and playing around with the lattice cutter to create a Faux "Pie" this Wednesday Nov 15th during our Wednesday Lunch Workshop .  I'm all about foods that look like other foods.  Register to be a part of our shenanigans.

Check out this really nice game meat pie recipe.  Who's going to invite me over for dinner after deer and turkey season?

Lattice crust on a stunning game pie.

How about mini pies and tarts?

Or maybe bread texture?

the lattice wheel cutter used on bread texture

And my most recent obsession, imprisoned baked fruit.  A puff pastry rectangle or square is cut with the roller and then stretched and formed over a ball of waxed paper to bake.  Once cooled, it's transfered over as a cage around the baked fruit or custard.

pastry cage for baked fruit

Read more about this puff pastry design here.

This little tool is going to be quite versatile.  I can't wait to try it out.


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