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Long Clear Box for Bubbly, Roses, and Berries - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery SupplyBoxes and Bags

Long Clear Box for Bubbly, Roses, and Berries

Whole Year

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A crystal clear long box designed to hold a bottle of bubbly, flowers, and berries!

  • Make a statement with your desserts in this one!
  • It can also hold a row of cupcakes, larger berries, treats, and anything else that you want to display in this perfectly clear box.
  • We provide clear adhesive round stickers to keep it securely closed for travel too.
  • High-quality baking deserves high-quality packaging.
  • Please note, these boxes are machine packed and sometimes arrive to us stacked very tightly together. Two boxes can appear to be just one. Using a fingernail or paper clip, gently ease the boxes apart beginning at one corner. Once a corner is pried loose, the two boxes will separate easily. 
  • Size: 30"x5"x4"

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