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Class 8-13-20, Thurs 6pm Virtual Replay: Mastering Leveling, Filling, and Icing a Smooth 2 Layer Cake - Fundamentals

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How to prepare beautifully leveled, filled, and iced cakes. 

You can master the cake decorating skill of icing a smooth cake, with the correct cake decorating tools and this decorating class.

This is a fundamentals class, appropriate for anyone interested in baking and wishing to master the techniques of leveling a cake, filling it, and then icing a cake smoothly.  We recommend taking Course 1, Lesson 2, before attempting the Mastering class.


How to Ice a multi-layer cake.

Take the basics of what was learned in the icing fundamentals from Lesson 2 and improve them further with new techniques that Natalie teaches to all of her cake decorating staff.  This in-depth class focuses soley on creating a smooth and flawless cake, beyond the lessons in Wilton's Method of Cake Decorating. 

With the right cake decorating tools and Natalie's instruction, learn methods of crumb coating prior to adding a finishing coat, how to keep the filling tucked inside, and tips and tricks for pulling off a perfectly level and super smooth cake.

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