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Class: May 3- May 7: 5 Day Cookie Biz Challenge - Pricing!

Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & Supply

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The 5 Day Cookie Biz Challenge

Give me an Hour a Day for 5 Days, and I'll Set You Up for Success!

You'll never ask the question, "How Much Should I Charge" again.

(Because we both know, it's more than just the cost of the  bag of groceries!)

Can you just IMAGINE how FABULOUS it feels KNOWING, without a doubt, that you're charging a fair price that covers your costs, puts money in your pocket, and makes your customers feel good about their purchase, too?  If you've questioned your pricing, now's the time to to know for sure!

This class is more than just pricing though.  It's also about making more time for yourself, for your family, for the craft that you fell in love with!  It's about setting yourself up so the cost calculations for quotes, the batter calculations for dough and icing, and even the shopping list is done for you auto-magically, each week.  I saved myself and my baker about 4 hours a week in "calculations" using these same methods.  What would YOU do with an extra 4 hours each week?


What to Expect: This is a 5 day learning event!

  • Days 1 and 2 of the challenge, we are going to load Chef Equation™ with the cost information it needs - right from your own orders, recipes, and receipts.  Then days 3 through 5 I'm going to to take you through a series of short, easy exercises, THAT CAN BE WORKED  RIGHT INTO YOUR NORMAL BAKING ROUTINE, that will make it crystal clear what your cookies cost, including time and labor.

By the end of this challenge:

  • Your recipes will be scalable in seconds.  You'll never have to keep up with doubling, tripling, or halving your recipes again.
  • You'll know the exact cost of every piece you create, so you can make the right decisions on pricing, without guessing.
  • You'll understand how to apply your time and labor, so you can be sure you are paid for your work.
  • You'll have weekly bake recipes generated in seconds with no wasted ingredients and no waste in labor.
  • With a generated shopping list, you'll only have to make that shopping trip once.  Can you imagine not running to the store over and over?
  • You can have the tools that do the calculations FOR YOU, and you'll set your business up to create instant quotes that are fair and real, because I'm giving you the same processes that I used to streamline my OWN business.

AND we're going to have a lot of FUN doing it! 

With Chef Equation™ and my guidance, I'll change the way you look at your costs and your pricing in just days- so you can focus more on the Craft and less on the Calculations!  

Cancellation Policy

Class Cancellation Policy

  • Due to the Virtual and Downloadable Nature of this Course, refunds are not accepted.
  • Course materials become available at 6am CST each morning on our virtual course platform at
  • Live recap and Q&A sessions occur each day of the challenge at 5:30pm CST.
  • This IS a go at your own pace course!  You can access the challenge and downloads at any time once the Challenge begins. :)
  • This course includes a 30 day free trial to Natalie's new Chef Equation App, her culinary calculator that does the calculations FOR YOU.  

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