Class: 6-22-21 Tues 6p-8:30 ish French Macarons In YOUR Favorite Flavor - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & SupplyClassIn Store Seat
Class: 6-22-21 Tues 6p-8:30 ish French Macarons In YOUR Favorite Flavor - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & SupplyClassVirtual Seat - supplies sold separately

Class: 6-22-21 Tues 6p-8:30 ish French Macarons In YOUR Favorite Flavor

Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & Supply

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Learn to create Classic French Macarons filled with buttercream using Traditional Methods and with a Variety of Flavor Options.  This class smells and tastes divine!

Choose Your Seat Type from the Drop Down Menu:

In-Store Seat = In-Person: All materials for this class are provided, and tools will be on loan for the duration of class.  Just show up and have fun!
  • Masks are optional and are recommended for anyone not yet fully vaccinated.  Here are CDC's current guidelines and requirements.  This class will contain 12 students.
  • Open to students ages 12 and older.
  • Only registered students are allowed in the classroomSorry, we cannot allow additional parents, siblings, or other non-registered guardians to stay in the classroom.
  • Children ages 8 to 11 who would like to attend may purchase a seat in addition to a legal guardian's seat registration.  This would require 2 seat purchases - 1 adult and 1 minor.
  • This Class Location will be held at Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & Supply, 9807 W. Markham St, Little Rock, AR 72205.


Virtual Seat = Online Learning: Students are responsible for purchasing supplies and tools from the supply list provided, as well as providing edible materials, like cakes, icing, cookies.  Each item is listed in the Supply List Tab above.

  • Virtual tickets are limited, but only one purchase is required per house hold.  Make it a Party!
  • Access the course through our CrowdCast Channel, an awesome Virtual Learning Platform that streams in real time.  Your access code will be emailed 24 hours prior to class start.
  • You can watch via any internet connected device - computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet, and even your smart tvs.
  • Virtual classes are recorded and the replay is available shortly after class ends for replay available for 14 days. Choose the Virtual option for a more FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE of attendance.  


What to Expect: In This Hands On Baking Class we will:

  • Learn all of the basics to create successful French Macarons at home from start to finish!
  • Avoid the pitfalls of failed feet, flat cookies, dimples, hollows, pits, and so many more imperfections.  (Although not the perfect culinary results, they still taste pretty good!)
  • Learn when to add color and what types of color.
  • Flavor your macaron shells.
  • Master the perfect ribbon effect.
  • Pipe discs of perfect size.
  • Rest (while shopping)...and finally baking!
  • Fill and garnish.
  • Take pictures and share your beautiful work with your circle of friends and family!
Virtual Supply List

Supplies Needed for This Cake Decorating/Baking Project Coming Soon

Prep Before Class:

  • Crack and separate egg yolks from whites at least 24 hours before class.  
  • Be sure to place whites in a clean, grease free bowl, with zero egg yolk.
  • Allow egg whites to age, covered, for 24 hours in the refrigerator.

Materials and Supplies to Have On Hand During Class.

Tools needed:

For best experience, Visit This Direct Link for access to both viewer and chat screen:


Plan to send images and video of your work for review or questions to 501-240-6102.

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Cancellation Policy

Class Cancellation Policy

  • We accept cancellations with full refunds if made 7 days or more prior to class.
  • Cancellation requests received within 6 days leading up to class will be given access to our Virtual Platform.  No refunds or exchanges will be made.  Virtual Students will be responsible for supplying their own ingredients and tools.
  • Virtual Classes will not be refunded once the access code has been provided to the online learning platform.
  • Your in-store seat CAN be gifted to someone else to come in your place if you can no longer attend.  Just call us to tell us the new student's name at 501-240-6102.
  • Notice of Class Cancellations by Art Is In Cakes: We reserve the right to cancel classes due to low registration, inclement weather, or for any other unforeseen reason. Students will be notified via email and text of this cancellation.  Students will have first right of notification and first offer of registration if the class is simply postponed and rescheduled for a later date.  If unable to commit to the rescheduled date within 5 days of the announcement, the student will be refunded his or her registration in full.

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