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Class: 6-30-22 Thurs, 6p - 8p ish Easy Summer Fruit Tart - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery SupplyClass
Class: 6-30-22 Thurs, 6p - 8p ish Easy Summer Fruit Tart - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery SupplyClass
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Class: 6-30-22 Thurs, 6p - 8p ish Easy Summer Fruit Tart

Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & Supply

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Summertime is a Great Time for a Fresh Fruit and Berry Tart.  Learn Our Fool-Proof Recipe for a Sweet Crumbly Crust and Smooth Filling to Ensure an Award-Winning Dessert Sure to Impress!!!

What to Expect In This Hands On Decorating Class:

  • ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED BUT - if you want that beautiful scalloped crust, consider purchasing our favorite tart pan and using it in class!  (Disposable pie tins will be used during class.)
  • Learn to create the perfect tart dough that you can use for hundreds of recipes.
  • Use a creative white chocolate ganache (Ryan's secret recipe) as the base for the tart.
  • Use available fresh fruit to atop your tart for a modern and delicious design - a creative arrangement.
  • Use neutral glaze to add shine and lock in the beautify of those sliced fruits AND get the glaze recipe to make it at home anytime you need it.
  • BONUS: Create a fluffy meringue to pipe designs on your tart for added pizazz.
  • Then toast the tops of the Meringue to create a crispy but gooey finishing touch with a culinary torch just like the pros!
  • Learn the ease of "demolding" and getting your tart out of those fancy tart pans all in one piece.
  • Take pictures and share them with your friends and family on social media!


In Person Classes:

In-Store Seat = In-Person: All materials for this class are provided, and tools will be on loan for the duration of class.  Just show up and have fun!

  • Masks are optional but are recommended.  Here are CDC's current guidelines and requirements.  This class will contain up to 12 students.
  • Open to students ages 12 and older.
  • Only registered students are allowed in the classroom Sorry, we cannot allow additional parents, siblings, or other non-registered guardians to stay in the classroom.
  • Children ages 8 to 11 who would like to attend may purchase a seat in addition to a legal guardian's seat registration.  This would require 2 seat purchases - 1 adult and 1 minor.
  • This Class Location will be held at Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & Supply, 9807 W. Markham St, Little Rock, AR 72205.


    Cancellation Policy

    Class Cancellation Policy

    We accept cancellations with full refunds if made 7 days or more prior to class.

    Cancellation requests received within 6 days leading up to class will not be refunded or exchanged and here is why: 

    • As we continue to navigate through pandemic conditions, the potential for cancellation has become part of the human way of life.  It's no longer the occasional exception, but a regular occurrence.  At this point, as a society, we understand there are risks in purchasing tickets to live events, and we purchase live event tickets anyway knowing that there is possibility that we, as participants, may have to cancel due to our own sickness or possible quarantine.  
    • One week before class, Art Is In Cakes has already purchased the inventory, tools, and supplies needed for class based on the number of seats sold, plus a percentage for any last minute registrations. (Sourcing ingredients and materials is getting harder and harder so we have to source earlier and earlier.) 
    • Our staffing is very lean, labor hours are very small, so we've already measured out the ingredients and prepped your workstation materials during any downtime the week prior.
    • Most students register at least 3 to 4 weeks out, so we cannot reasonably guarantee filling your seat to recover lost registrations due to refunds caused by participant cancellations.
    • Moving your seat to a later class is a double loss for us.  We lose revenue by not being able to fill your seat in the first session and by giving you access to a seat in a later session we lose the revenue for a 2nd registration, also.  We hope to have your understanding.  


    What are your options if you need to cancel within 6 days to class start?

    • Your in-store seat CAN be gifted to someone else to come in your place if you can no longer attend.  Just call us to tell us the new student's name at 501-240-6102.
    • You CAN attempt to sell your seat ticket, (just like a concert ticket) and we will even help you by approving you to post your available ticket on our Facebook Event Page.


    Notice of Class Cancellations by Art Is In Cakes: 

    We reserve the right to cancel classes due to low registration, inclement weather, or for any other unforeseen reason. Students will be notified via email and text of this cancellation.  Students will have first right of notification and first offer of registration if the class is simply postponed and rescheduled for a later date.  If unable to commit to the rescheduled date (we must know within 5 days of the announcement of new date), the student will be refunded his or her registration in full.

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