Virtual Replay: French Macarons as Bunnies and Eggs
Virtual Replay: French Macarons as Bunnies and Eggs

Virtual Replay: French Macarons as Bunnies and Eggs

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Join our class...but in the comfort of your own home! 

Live and Interactive, or Later for the Replay.

  • Why interactive and online?
    • You are practicing safe social distancing!
    • You've got a crazy schedule and can't be sure you can make it to the classroom on time.  No worries, that's what the replay is for.
    • You want to make it a girl's night event!
    • You're a devoted introvert and prefer to interact...from home.
    • You insist on wearing your jammies after 6pm.
    • You have children under the age of 8 that would like to participate in our classes.
    • Watch from any device that connects to Chrome - laptop, ipad, iphone, smart tv.
  • Together, let's whip upsome pretty amazing French Macarons.
  • 2 part session Schedule:
    • Day Before: Prepping the Egg Whites
    • Baking Day: Macarons - Mixing, Piping, and Baking
  • You'll start by prepping your eggs the night before by watchingSession 1.
  • We've recorded two versions of this class.  For best viewing experience visit the direct link here:  or here:
  • You can purchase here at and wait for an email with password to enter the class, or you can purchase directly at either of the above links to go directly into the portal without a wait.
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    • Tools that you'll need from the kitchen:
      • A mixer (stand or hand) with whip attachment.
      • A small weight scale (optional...we will premeasure everything for you).
      • Wide bowl for mixing your macarons.
      • A nice wide flat silicone spatula.
      • A bowl for mixing your buttercream.
      • Spoons.
      • Scissors.
      • Damp Towel.
      • 2 Baking sheet pans (half sheet works best).
    • Supplies Needed: (Retail Value $48.00)
      • Almond Flour.
      • Eggs.
      • Buttercream.
      • Flavoring.
      • Soft Gel Paste.
      • Toothpicks.
      • Piping Bags.
      • Coupler.
      • Templates.
      • Parchment


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