CakeSafe Rentals Large
CakeSafe Rentals Large
CakeSafe Rentals Large
CakeSafe Rentals Large

CakeSafe Rentals Large


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Deliver fully stacked large cakes or sculptural cakes with ease and confidence using the CakeSafe transportation system.  We wouldn't trust our cakes to any other method.  It's also perfect for taking cakes with wide bases of up to 22 inches in diameter.

This safe is very tall.  Please make sure you have 36 inches of clearance for the back opening of you vehicle.  Not all SUV's and hatchbacks have enough clearance for this item.

Not sure if the CakeSafe is right for you? Only expect to use it once?  Try it with our rental service first.  80% of our clients purchase the CakeSafe immediately after. The ease of transport and the reduced stress (goodbye stomach ulcers), will immediately offset the initial cost of purchasing the CakeSafe.

Rent from Wednesday to Monday. Return on Tuesday.




    The CakeSafe is a transportation system for moving cakes, large and small. The materials used to create the box, and the way it’s constructed make for stress-free deliveries. Your cakes are protected from rain, wind, heat, and anything airborne like dust or pollen, any sudden or unexpected movements, bumpy rides, and sudden stops. You can drive like a “normal” person, at “normal” speeds for hours under normal conditions and never have to worry that your cake will melt, shift, or fall. Really!

    The CakeSafes come in 9 standard sizes.  We offer the 4 most common sizes for rentals so that we can accommodate all our bakers’ needs. 

    Other Benefits:

    • Once disassembled, CakeSafe requires little storage space when not in use.
    • There are no parts left behind at the venue that must be later returned.
    • You no longer spend time at the venue assembling tiers and touching up. This time savings will enable you to make multiple deliveries on the same day.

     A separate Security Deposit transaction will be rung for the full retail amount plus 9% tax rate and express shipping of $70 (which would be required to get a replacement in time for the next rental) at the time of pickup.  

    The Security Deposit will be refunded back to the original paying account once all items are returned and inspected, prior to Tuesday 6pm.  CakeSafes include: white bottom stand, 4 side walls, 4 side wall screws, top panel, white rod guide cap, and black rod wheel: 12 total pieces.

    If CakeSafe Rentals are not returned by Tuesday prior to 6pm, we will assume that you loved it so much that you wanted to keep it!  And Your Security Deposit will be forfeited Of course, we would prefer to know in advance so we can have another one on hand for the following week's rental.  Please call us at 501-240-6102 if you wish to keep the CakeSafe.