Edible Image Printing and PhotoCake Image Ordering

Decopac SKU: 5262printed
We can print your edible images here in store while you wait or ship them anywhere.
Edible Image Printing and PhotoCake Image Ordering - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery SupplyEdible Image Decoration2" Circles Precut - 12 per page
Edible Image Printing by PhotoCake® Online Ordering - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & SupplyEdible DecorationPhotoCake Printed Image

Edible Image Printing and PhotoCake Image Ordering

Decopac SKU: 5262printed
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dible Images - Easy Photo Prints for Cakes and Cookies printed on-demand.


  1. Email your images to Questions@ArtIsInCakes.com .
  2. Select your page type (Letter Size or 2" Circles) and place your order for your printed page here.
  3. Once we receive your confirmed order and your email, we will print your images and ship or deliver them!


      • We can print from the existing PhotoCake® Image Library, including sports teams and licensed images.
      • We can print your custom images emailed to us at questions@artisincakes.com.
        • By sending your images to us for printing, you agree that you are the original creator, that you own those photos, and that your photos are Royalty-Free, Non-Copyright, Non-Trademarked, and Non-Licensed. 


      • LETTER SIZED PRINTED SHEET:  8" by 10.5" max printable/usable area.
      • 2" PRECUT CIRCLES, 12 to a sheet.


      • Complete your purchase here.
      • Email your custom images to questions@artisincakes.com .
      • In that email, tell us how you will be using your images.
        • What size cake/dessert is it going on?
        • Is it going on top or on the side?
        • Use a ruler and tell us how tall or how wide the image needs to be. 
          • Keep in mind that we can only change height or width, but not both.  When we increase or decrease one side then the other measurements also increases or decreases proportionally.
        • Do we need to layer images on top of others?  (We can offer a simple background remover, but please keep in mind we cannot always work magic and make things disappear out of an existing image.)
        • Do you have inspirational photos that you can attach to the email?
        • Every little detail will help us create a design best suited to your needs.
       Acceptable Images


      • There are hundreds of available and approved licensed images to choose from, covering everything from Disney to Marvel and all of your favorite sports teams from our partners at the PhotoCake® Library.
      • At checkout enter the CakeID Number in the NOTES section during online ordering so we find and print the correct item for you.



      • Send high-resolution JPG IMAGES.
        • Please note - if it's blurry on your computer screen, it will be blurry when scaled up to fit a full-sized sheet.
      • Want to create your own print ready layout?  Send it to us in word.
      • Word Layout:
        • Choose Legal-Sized Paper
        • Revise the Top Margins to 1.5"
        • Revise the Bottom Margin to 1.7"
        • Revise Side Margins to .7"
        • Place your images and stay inside these margins. :)
        • NOTE: WORD DOCS AND FANCY SCRIPTS: If you use a fancy script in your document, and we don’t own that script, your font will revert to the basic Calibri Font. To print fancy scripts/fonts, please send us the font file for installation: send us the .ttf or .otf font file.

      I understand and agree that:

      • My photos must be Royalty-Free, Non-Copyright, Non-Trademarked, and Non-Licensed. 
      • Art Is In Cakes is not responsible for obtaining permission to use images, and if I wish to use a copyrighted image, I must obtain and provide written permission from the image owner.
      • Each computer’s monitor settings vary, and copies printed from the copier and images printed through Word may have color variances. I accept those color variances.
      • The 2" precut circles are never perfectly centered.  That means images with a dark background might have areas of white border visible after printing.  These tolerances are accepted in the industry, and there is nothing we can do about them.  You may have to trim the edge of the circles if you need them filled completely. I accept those edge-to-edge print variances.
      • Art Is In Cakes is not responsible for damage caused to images in the process of applying or storing them on cakes.  See the next tab for Care and Use for best results."
      Care and Use
      • Keep your image in a cool, dry place, in its ziplock, until ready to place on the cake, but not in the freezer or refrigerator.
      • When ready to remove your image, begin by peeling back the corners gently, one at a time, and working your way to releasing it from the middle.
      • Icing sheets are thin and soft.  If you find them too soft to work with, open the ziplock and allow the sheets to dry a little to firm up before removing from the backing.
      • Use the acetate backing to guide the image to where you want it on the cake.
      • Attach one edge, then gently slide the acetate backing out from under the image, smoothing as you go.
      • If you need to cut your image to shape, cut it before removing the acetate backing.
      • Do not put the image or finished cake in a humid environment (including refrigerators).  
      • Going from a cold refrigerator to room temperature can cause the humidity in the air to condense on the cake/image and cause color bleed.

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