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Poppy Paints, Thinner, 1 ounce bottles

Poppy Paint

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  • Poppy Paint Thinner is a low concentration glaze used as a paint additive to thin the standard and pearlescent colors.  This can be applied one drop at a time for a detail paint where you control the fluidity and consistency, or it can be used in larger amounts to create a dilution that looks like water color.
  • Poppy Paint is a 100% FDA compliant edible confectionery paint.
  • It was created to be used on chocolate, especially cake pops and chocolate covered treats and fruits, but it also works great on cookies, fondant, royal icing, glaze, crusting buttercream, isomalt, ganache, modeling chocolate, candy melts, gumpaste, wafer paper, and even candy!
  • Made in the USA!


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