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French East Indies Pink Peppercorns in 1oz jar

Spice - Pink Peppercorns Reunion 1oz

India Tree

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Use Pink Peppercorns whole, crushed, or freshly ground, alone or with other peppers and spices in your desserts and chocolates as well as savory dishes

  • These glorious red berries are not a true pepper.
  • They are the product of a vine native to Peru, but cultivated commercially on the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean.
  • One of my most memorable desserts eaten was a delicious cupcake whipped up by one of our local celebrity chefs, pairing light and white chocolate with pink peppercorns.
  • Besides desserts and chocolates, pair them with fresh thyme and sprinkle over warm goat cheese for a delicious spread; add them to your favorite vinaigrette with herbs like dill and chives to dress a green salad; at the table grind them over egg dishes, asparagus, and potatoes; add them to a delicate mignonette to serve with freshly shucked oysters; crush and sprinkle them over fruit salads; use them as part of a glaze for a fruit tart.

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