Pantry Staples - Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Yeast

Many of you have had issues getting the ingredients you need to bake. We are divvyng up the bulk supplies that we purchase for classes and can offer them to you.  And...we ship across the United States, so not only are we helping our local community, but we're bridging the supply gap where ever we can.

How this works:

  1. We pick up the bulk ingredients each morning and begin separating and bagging them into your requested quantities.
  2. Once all items are bagged for your order, we send an emailed notification that your order is ready for pickup or notification of shipping and tracking number.
  3. There is a delay on fulfillment on Monday morning as we work hard to fulfill all of the orders that come through Saturday and Sunday, but an email will arrive just as soon as the items are bagged and ready for pickup.
  4. Eggs, butter, and cream are not shippable at this time due to refrigeration requirements and food safety.
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