Christmas cupcake baking set with 12-cup nonstick muffin pan,150 baking cups, and an assortment of nonpariels
Red, green, and white nonpareils in large and small sizes
Red, gold, and green cupcake liners in solid colors and white polka dots
Christmas cupcake baking set nutrition facts, ingredients, and decorating suggestions
Red, green, and gold cupcake liners
Nonstick 12 cavity muffin pan, cupcake liners, and nonpareils
12 cup nonstick muffin pan

Cupcake Baking Kit for Christmas Including Pans and Other Supplies


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This set comes with a 12-cup nonstick muffin pan as well as 150 baking cups!

  • This cupcake baking set makes it easy to bake it merry this holiday season!
  • Top off your treats with the red, white, and green nonpareils and you're ready to spread the delicious cheer this Christmas.
  • This baking set makes a great gift, or keep it and treat yourself!
  • The baking cups come in a variety of holiday colors and prints.
  • Inside there are both jumbo and regular sized nonpareils. 
  • Limited 5 year warranty. Contact Wilton for details.
Bakeware Use and Care
  • Wash before first and after each use with warm, soapy water for best results.
  • This bakeware is dishwasher safe; however, do not use dishwasher detergent tablets as the concentrated cleaners will damage the finish.
  • Avoid cleaning with abrasive cleaners or scouring pads; we recommend using only products which are labelled "safe for cleaning nonstick surfaces."
  • Do not use sharp or serrated metal utensils, as they may cut through the nonstick coating.
  • Some foods may stain the metal but this will not affect the performance.

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