Macaron Private Party Sessions for Birthdays, Celebrations, and Team Building
Macaron Private Party Sessions for Birthdays, Celebrations, and Team Building

Macaron Private Party Sessions for Birthdays, Celebrations, and Team Building

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  • Are you looking for a baking themed party for your next celebration?
  • Our party room is perfect for birthdays, girls night out, gender reveals, bridal parties, holiday parties, team building experiences, and club and organization meetings.
  • With our immersive camera system, you are guaranteed to see every detail, no matter where you sit.
  • Our instructors are kind, knowledgeable, and love to teach!
  • Classes are designed with a full 1.5 hours of mixing, baking, and filling time with a 30 minute intermission in the middle as we allow our Macarons time to rest before baking.  
  • That 30 minute rest period is perfect for celebrating, gift exchanges, and small bite hors d'oeuvres.

French Macarons

  • Create French Macarons from start to finish with a group of your favorite friends.
  • *Pricing includes approximately 48 finished macarons and includes 4 fully decked out workstations.  Macarons are a fantastic team building exercise. 
  • $260.00 covers 4 workstations, 4 bakers.  Each workstation completes about 13 finished macarons.  We begin Macarons at a minimum price of $260.00.
  • For additional workstations, add $65 per person.
  • Our room holds a MAXIMUM of 12 total workstations.

    What's included in your fee?

    • 1.5 hours of time in our party room, reserved just for you with a privacy door and adjacent restroom, for 12 decorators and up to 16 total guests.
      • (Max occupancy 16.)
      • We spend the first hour decorating and reserve the last 30 minutes for presents, eating, and party shenanigans.
    • The use of our tools, spatulas, bags, piping tips, turntables, etc., during the decorating portion of your party.
    • The use of our sinks, wastebaskets, and clean up facilities to tidy up.
    • Our crew will do the final sweeping, mopping, tool washing, and sanitizing.
    • We can also offer basic paper napkins and plates.

      What is not included in your fee?

      • Adorable matching plates, napkins, paper products.  Our option will be fairly basic to go with any theme and decor.  But if you prefer fun and themed, please feel free to bring anything that you would like to use to carry the theme and color throughout the party room.
      • Balloons, banners, or paper decorations.  We don't carry these items, but we would be delighted to help you place them in the room.  One of the coolest decorations we've seen to date was a 4 foot tall Mickey Mouse balloon sculpture!  Totally Awesome!
      • Catered foods.  We don't offer them, but you are more than welcome to bring in buffet style appetizers, pizza, or sandwich trays to make your party extra special.
      • "Clean up on Aisle 5".  Sure, we expect to clean up little messes, especially when children are involved, but time spent cleaning up disaster zones will be charged to the partygoers.  Please be considerate of our staff and the group that will be following yours in the party room.
      • Child Supervision
        • We don't mean to sound harsh, but your super assistant cake decorator is there to help guide you through the steps of decorating your cake or cupcakes and to make the process fun, not to control the unruly.  You are responsible for maintaining control of the kiddos, for the safety of all participants, and for the protection of the fancy equipment we have in house for classes.
        • We require a ratio of 1 adults per 6 children between the age range of 8 years to 11 years.  More adults are even better. :)
        • We are not equipped to offer the party room to children under age 8.  We love the little tykes, but our tables and chairs aren't small enough to safely and comfortably accommodate them.