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With your pre-orders,

  • We get to increase our order with our favorite manufacturer or small business, better supporting them!
  • We buy what is needed, and not too much, which keeps our cash flow freed up to buy other things.
  • You get the benefit of added savings because we can afford to lower our margins on guaranteed sales!
  • Order will be placed September 27th.  Estimated arrival in our store, October 18th.
  1. *Some items may be clearanced and will not be repurchased as part of the pre-order, but added discounts still apply while our supplies last.
  2. *Order your pre-order items separately from in-stock regular items, (boxes/boards) so you're in-stock items are fulfilled and ready for pickup or shipping right away.  Mixing pre-sale collections with other products will result in a delay in shipping until all items arrive.
  3. *If you select shipping, we will hold your order until pre-ordered items arrive for single box shipping.


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