Emile Henry Ramekins Set of 2, Number 8 size
Emile Henry Ramekins Set of 2, Number 8 size
Emile Henry Ramekins Set of 2, Number 8 size
Emile Henry Ramekins Set of 2, Number 8 size

Emile Henry Ramekins Set of 2, Number 8 size

Emile Henry

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  • Serving appetizers and desserts in ramekins certainly dresses up the table.
  • For small portions, the size and volume are particularly important so that the recipe is perfectly cooked. The ingredients are cooked evenly, without drying out, thanks to Emile Henry's HR ceramic®.
  • So the next time you make Pots de Creme or Creme Brulee or pretty little puddings, bake directly in these beautiful dishes.
  • Ramekins also work well for Popovers and Pot Pie dishes topped with Puff Pastries.
  • The highly resistant glaze protects your ramekin against scratches and chips, and it can be put in the dishwasher without losing its colour.
  • All Emile Henry products are made in France and offer a ten year guarantee.
  • Number 8 size holds 6.8oz, and is 3.3" in diameter.
  • Emile Henry is located in the Burgundy town of Marcigny, France.
  • Natural & Handmade Product
  • Oven and Microwave safe
  • Temperature change compatible - take from Freezer to Oven safely without cracking
  • The ceramic type allows it to evenly and slowly come to temperature, as well as maintaining heat longer.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
    • dishwasher safeslow cooking and maintains heatfrom freezerto oven
    • Made in France 
    • 10 year guarantee
      • Emile Henry's Oven Ceramic bakeware and tableware is made in Marcigny France since 1850 from high fired Burgundy clay. The natural clay is unsurpassed for conducting and retaining heat. Emile Henry's Oven Ceramic is made with an exclusive process to produce strong and durable ceramic bakeware and tableware for everyday use.

        • Resistance Against Mechanical Shocks: During everyday use, there are many opportunities to bang a dish or a set of plates. Particularly resistant to shocks, our ceramic is even used in restaurants!
        • Resistance Against Temperature Changes: A dish or stewpot should be able to withstand wide variations in temperature. Our ceramics allow our products to be taken directly from the freezer to the hot oven (+250°C/500°F).
        • Resistance Against Fading Colors: Heat, the dishwasher or sharp instruments will all have an ageing effect on a product. Our glazes are particularly resistant to the dishwasher and the most aggressive of detergents.