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Sprinkles Metallic Pink Dragees 15 gram jars - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery SupplySprinkles4mm

Sprinkles Metallic Pink Dragees 15 gram jars


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  • Metallic silvered dragees (pronounced dra-jays) have been a staple in decorating culinary confections since the late 18th century.
  • Their beauty often enhances desserts such as cookies, wedding cakes, petits fours, and more.
  • We think you're going to love the gold finish just as much as the traditional silver.
  • While classified as a food item in many countries, the USA FDA has decided that they should not be classified as a food item as they consider the silvered finish to be non-edible, therefore we list them as for decorative use only.
  • These pretty pearls begin as something as simple as a tiny piece of pasta to create the core.  Then they are panned and coated with sugar.  The final finish is the metallic coating that makes them shine.
  • This item cannot be sold or shipped to the state of California.


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