Chef Equation™ and Baking Up Profits™

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Over her 20+ years of experience as a baker and "bake-preneur", Natalie has developed a ton of spreadsheets, documents, and charts to make certain processes and tasks a lot easier. Now, she has decided to take this expertise, all of these charts, all of these documents, and develop an app called Chef Equation™ that provides an automated system to help you become more efficient, more profitable, and to give you more time to do the things you enjoy.

The Chef Equation™ app is ready for you!  We will help you remove the phrase "How much should I charge" from your vocabulary!

As a companion to Chef Equation™, Natalie has also developed the Baking Up Profits™ Master Course for bake-preneurs who want to take their baking business to the next level and learn how to automate those time-consuming tasks so they can take back their time, energy, and profit.

Baking Up Profits™ Master Course 1 focuses on building your brand, setting up your website and payment system, and creating automated processes to reduce time-draining tasks in areas of communications, inquiries, and invoicing. Baking Up Profits™ Master Course 2 will guide you through the process of learning how to determine your exact costs so you can price your product and generate fast quotes that are fair to you and to your client. You'll also learn how to develop loyal customers and leverage automated marketing techniques to make them lifelong clients.

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