Chocolate Sponge Cake

Chocolate Sponge Cake 2


Quantity Container Fill Amount
Cake Pan Round 9"x2"
40.00 oz


Weight Ingredient
11.76 oz
Eggs Whites Grade A Large (appx 1 oz each) 18ct
5.22 oz
Sugar Granulated
1.96 oz
Water Tap
0.16 oz
1.31 oz
Cocoa Powder Dutch Process
7.84 oz
Eggs Yolks Grade A Large (appx .75 oz each) 18ct
7.84 oz
Dawn Baker's Request White Cake Mix
3.92 oz
Sugar Granulated (Separate Amount)
40.00 8 ingredients


Combine egg yolks, first measurement of sugar, and water in a mixer and beat with the whip attachment
Whip until light and fluffy and lightened in color to a pale yellow
Sift Cocoa powder, salt, and cake flour together, set aside
Whip the egg whites with the second measurement until medium-stiff peaks
Alternate folding in the dry ingredients and the egg white mixture into the egg yolks and sugar
Bake at 425 degrees F* for roughly 7 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean