Wedding Cake Questions

Frequently Asked Wedding Cake Questions:

How do I start the quote and ordering process for my wedding cakes?

  1. Start by completing our Wedding Cake Inquiry Form.  From there we will check your event date and delivery location against our booking calendar.
  2. Order a Taster Kit to Go to start narrowing down your flavor choices.
  3. Determine your cake size and assign flavors to the tiers.
  4. Determine your budget comfort level by reviewing our Package Pricing.
  5. Complete our Contract and provide your deposit/retainer to lock in the event date.
  6. Send inspiration photos via email to get the design sketch started and discuss the design further through email, Skype, Phone Consultation or Schedule a Full Service Consultation for the full design experience by calling 1-501-240-6102We do require a credit card number at the time of booking your Full Service Appointment and we request that you kindly reschedule or cancel 24 hours in advance to receive a refund of the $25.00 consultation fee.  
  7. We will send you the full quote and sketch for your approval and set you up on our payment schedule with email reminders. 


What do I need to bring to the consultation?

  1. Bring photos of details for your of cakes and their decorations are great, but so are invitations, decor, sneak peeks of your dresses, plans for your flowers, patterns, colors, mood boards, etc.  We want to become part of your creative process.  Please don't ask us to duplicate a cake you've seen online...instead, bring your inspirations and let's push the envelope a little and create something spectacular, just for you!
  2. Fill out and send in the Wedding Inquiry Form.  We suggest getting your Taster Kit to Go in advance so you can begin those decisions early.  We only have an hour to spend with you during the Full Service Consultation, so having this information advance will help us knock out the essential questions right away and move us right into the heart of the story...building your beautiful design!


How far in advance do I need to order my cake?

Book us as soon as you know your event date and placed your deposit on the venue!
We take a very limited number of cakes each week to insure that each design receives the full attention that it deserves, and we are often commissioned to build very time consuming pieces.  Add to that the fact that we are loved as far as Lake Village and all the way back to Texarkana and to Russellville again, our delivery scheduling can be quite challenging.  
We've been known to book up certain weekends as early as 12 months in advance in April, May, September, and October.  We suggest that you call us and reserve your space by placing a deposit as soon as you confirm the date of your event.
Call to place your deposit/retainer: 1-501-240-6102.


I'm looking for a 3 tiered wedding cake at about $500 cost.  Can you make smaller cakes?

We have a minimum wedding cake order of $1500.00.

Why have we instated a minimum price?

Natalie is opening a cake decorating supply store and classroom!  The new endeavors are going to limit the number of wedding cakes and general cakes that she can take each week.  We want to make sure each wedding gets the full attention that it deserves, so she is only taking 2 weddings per week.  Because it doesn't make financial sense to take cakes less than $1500 for the effort involved in staffing, cretaing te cakes, and delivering and setting up, and because we can only accept two events, we've made the decision to stay above that financial breakeven point of $1500.  So, go ahead, upsize your wedding cake!


Do you charge a Consultation Fee?

We offer a few different ways to begin your wedding cake order.  

  • Get things started by completing our Wedding Inquiry Form.  This will let us know right away if logistics allow delivery to your event.
  • The Carry Away Taster Kit to Go Box - $10 plus tax
  • The Full Service Consultation at the Bakery, evening hours offered on Tuesdays - $25 fee, applied to your booking deposit
  • Skype or Phone Consultation Appt - Free
  • Email Communications - Free

The Carry Away Taster Kit to Go Box - Available Tuesday, Friday & Saturday during business hours, Advance Order Required

  1. Available for $10 plus tax.
  2. We listened to your feedback.  It's a little awkward to have the baker staring at you while you're trying to discuss your likes and dislikes.  So, this kit is perfect for the shy eaters out there :)!
  3. It's a 10" x 10" box stuffed with 10 popular cakes, all of our buttercreams, and many of our fillings.
  4. By pre-selecting your flavor options with the Taster Kit, you free up anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes of the decision making during a Full Service Consultation, allowing for more time on the design discussion.
  5. Perfect if you're trying to decide on flavors, still in the early stages of planning your event.
  6. You can order and schedule pick up of the Tasting Kit right from our store.


Can I have multiple flavors in my tiers?

Yes!  We believe your wedding cakes and custom cakes should be just as tasty and beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.  All of our cakes are torted with multiple layers of filling in each tier.  We encourage you to mix and match, and that's why we offer so many options in our Taster Kit to Go. 


After the design consultation, can I still make changes?

Yes, you can make changes right up until 4 weeks before the event.  With design changes, we will work up quote adjustments (if necessary) and wait for your acceptance before proceeding with those changes.


I want to make a Statement!  Can I use styrofoam to add height to my cake?

Yes.  We will gladly order styrofoam to replace cake, add dimension and shape, or add height if you desire a wonderfully tall design!  Please keep in mind, though, that replacing cake with styrofoam is not a cost advantage.  Most of the cost of building edible artwork is in the labor of making each of those individual petals, custom pieces of lace, hand rolled pearls, or piped designs.  Even though your tier may not be edible, you will only be replacing the cost of flour, sugar, eggs, etc., with styrofoam.  While styrofoam pieces aren't extremely expensive, their shipping costs are, which translates into more overall cost for the "innards". 


Do you stay to cut the cake?

No.  Normally this is a service included as part of your catering invoice.


How do we cut our cake?

There are a lot of cake cutting charts available online.  Wilton uses a circular cutting method.  Others use a straight line.  I think the straight line cut is cleaner, easier to cut, and serve.  Be sure your wedding cake server knows that our cakes are sized based on 1" wide by 2" long pieces, in a standard 2 layer cake.  


How do I preserve the top tier of my wedding cake?

We will provide a standard 4" tall transportation box at your wedding to help your coordinator or family member box your cake for travel to home while you are off enjoying your honeymoon.  Please keep in mind that the lightweight cardboard box is for ease of transport only and steps should be taken to properly wrap, freeze, and preserve your wedding cake.  We recommend that someone place your boxed cake into your freezer right away to lock in freshness and to freeze it solidly before the next steps are taken.  When you return from your honeymoon, your cake should be solid enough to remove from the box and either vacuum seal or wrap tightly in cling wrap, at least two layers, and aluminum foil.  You can choose to store the wrapped cake in it's box, or conserve space in your freezer by discarding the box.


When do I have to complete payment on my cakes?

We require an advance deposit on signing the contract, 50% payment at 4 months before the event, and payment in full 28 days before the event.  If payment is not made in full, we assume that you have canceled your event and forfeited your deposit and payments.  For cakes ordered within that 28 day window, immediate payment in full is expected.

Do you deliver and setup our cakes?

Yes.  Most tiered cakes and wedding cakes require assembly and touch ups on site, and we prefer to deliver and set up all of our tiered cakes to insure that they arrive in perfect shape.  Our local delivery charge is $60.00 per trip and is included in our Package Pricing.  Outside of the 40 mile radius from the bakery, we charge $1.00 per mile, round trip, and an additional hourly charge per associate that we assign to make the trip.  We also have additional hourly fees associate with Sunday deliveries.  


Can I transport my own cake?

Yes, you can.  Delivery is included as part of our tiered cake packages, but if you prefer to transport your own cake, we will deduct the $60 from the package price.
If we are having trouble accommodating your wedding inquiry due to our delivery calendar being full, we DO offer the option of renting our Cake Safe for transport in lieu of delivery, with the addition of a $600 security deposit.  See it in action here: Cake on a Moped! and Removing the Cake from the Cake Safe.


Can you add fresh flowers to my cake?

Yes!  Your florist provides the flowers, and we can place them on the cakes.
If your florist is providing the fresh flowers for your cake, it is your responsibility to request and purchase those flowers In most cases you will receive better pricing on bulk flowers by ordering your cake flowers through your event florist.  We DO have a floral account and we CAN purchase fresh flowers, but we are forced into a minimum purchase of 25 stems per variety and color.  If we are contracted to purchase your flowers, a separate floral invoice will be provided with flower type and variety listed for your reference.

What style of wedding cake can you create, and what is your pricing?

We are a team of artists.  We can create details that are 100% unique to you and your personal style.  We use all kinds of inspirations...your dress, your invitation, your favorite flower, your colors, your love of pearls, all of your pins on Pinterest, cakes you've found on Google.  Take a look of some of our most recent cakes here.