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Modeling Tools 8 pc Sculpting Set with 16 Different Versatile Tips

Imported from China

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  • This is definitely the essential tool set for edible sculptors.
  • Tool set is great for sculpting realistic details onto fondant or modeling chocolate.
  • The set includes 8 pieces with 16 of the most common sculpting shaped tips.
  • Boning or Dresden Tools - looks a little like a dental pick and is probably our most used cake decorating tool. It is great for smoothing and thinning of the edges of flower petals and leaves as well as sculpting details.
  • Serrated Cone Tool - for creating fruits, flowers and hollows.
  • Tapered Cone Tool - for shaping and modeling of stars or multi-petal flowers.
  • Blade & Shell Tool - use the blade end to cut and shape, the shell end to emboss a pattern or decorative edges.
  • Ball Tool - necessary for flower modeling and is used to cup and to shape petals, leaves as well as ruffle frills.
  • Scallop & Comb Tool - use the Scallop end to cut scalloped edges, cut circular holes in plaques or emboss mouth and eye shapes on faces (its also great for creating fingernails with teh natural cupped shape), and use the Comb end to mark dotted lines to mimic stitching or score parallel lines
  • Bulbulous Tool - the most versatile tool for a large variety of shapes, figures and frills.
  • Leaf & Flower Shaper Tool - perfect for creating flowers, leaves and veining
  • Even if you don't know each piece by name, the versatile tools can be used for much more than just one purpose.