Stainless steel dough cutter with dough on cutting board
Stainless steel Bench Scraper or Dough Cutter on cutting board with vegetables
Stainless Steel Bench Scraper, Dough Cutter, or Icing Smoother with Ruler Markings

Bench Scraper or Dough Cutter, Icing Smoother Stainless Steel with Ruler Markings

Imported from China

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It Scrapes, It Chops, It Cuts, It Smooths, and It Scoops - The Bench Scraper is one of the most Versatile Cake and Cookie Decorator Tools and a Chef's Best Friend.

  • A bench scraper is a versatile tool used for cutting dough, and lifting it.  It's also perfect at scraping the bits of pie crust off of your cutting boards, counter tops, and large wooden work surfaces.
  • But what do we use it for primarily?  It's the perfect tool for smoothing buttercream cakes.
  • This design rests at a true 90 degrees against the cake and against your cake board, allowing you to create a perfectly straight wall of buttercream on your cakes.
  • The handle is a simple roll over that is both ergonomical and yet doesn't get in the way when trying to smooth icing.
  • Durable Stainless Steel.
  • 4 x 6 inches in length with Ruler Guides.
  • Dishwasher Safe.

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