Bug Variety Cupcake Rings and Picks Assorted


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  • 12 pieces of assorted cupcake rings to include pieces that feature bugs, dragonflies and butterflies.
  • Assortment includes:
    • Blue Dragonfly Pick
    • Pink Butterfly Pick
    • Yellow Butterfly Pick
    • Black Bee with Striped Wings Pick
    • Pink and Black Butterfly Pick
    • Blue and Black Butterfly Pick
    • Lady Bug Picks
    • Bee Picks
    • Blue Dragonfly Ring
    • Pink Dragonfly Ring
    • Green Dragonfly Ring
    • Large Bees
    • Caterpillar Rings
  • While this pack is offered as an assortment, we can also pull together a specific pack for you if preferred. 
  • Foodsafe pick inserts directly into the cupcake icing.
  • Finish the look with coordinating sprinkles.