Buttercream Smoother
Buttercream Smoother

Buttercream Smoother

Imported from China

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  • Easily create crisp edges on your cakes using this genius edger and create 90 degree angles and perfectly parallel sides in buttercream.
  • Once you've covered your cake with buttercream, adjust the height of your buttercream smoother by locking the top level into the sidebar.
  • Then place your smoother against your cake and in one fluid motion, spin your cake on it's turn table, 360 degrees.
  • We recommend allowing this coat to firm up in the refrigerator, and then do one more buttercream layer on top for a super smooth cake.
  • Heights are adjustable.
  • Works on single tiered cakes that are up to 8 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter.  (12 inches diameter allows the 6.3" arm clearance to touch all the way to the center point of the cake.)
  • If working with tiered cakes that will be stacked, this smoother can work on all diameters with as much as 6 inches of super smooth top surface area.