Foil is grease proof and food quality approved.
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Cake Drum Square White Foil 12x12 1/2in Thick, Lightly Textured

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Grease Proof Cardboard Square Drum for Cake Decorating and Dessert Displays

  • Foil cake drums are perfect for any of your cake presentations and this gold color is perfect...not too yellow, not too brassy.
  • 1/2" thick boards professionally covered in a light, true white, lacy leaf textured foil.
  • Foil is grease proof and food quality approved.
  • Boards are sturdy, yet lightweight, and the boards can be pierced with pointed dowels for greater structural integrity to your cake design.
  • Foil pattern may vary slightly.
  • Other sizes available via special order (up to 20" diameter), but require a minimum purchase of 12 pieces.  Email or call us for details.
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