Cake Frame 4" Square Platform Pack

Cake Frame 4" Square Platform Pack


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  • Cake Frame's clear, plastic rods and joints are designed to interlink seamlessly to each other, at 180°, 90° and even 45°! This allows home bakers to assemble multi-tiered cakes confidently, and advanced cake decorators to build almost any design conceived, quickly and easily! The secret behind this is Cake Frame's hexagonal format. The pieces can be fitted together securely with no movement, allowing you to build away without having to worry about stability.

    There are so many unique applications for Cake Frame - not only can you build gravity defying cakes, you can thread LEDs through to create illuminating cakes, motors for moving cake pieces, and much more; the only limit is your imagination!

    Cake Frame has received plenty of recognition for it’s invention; here’s one article that was featured in Nottingham Post!

    - Cake Frame will open the door to the next level of cake designs, the only limit is your imagination. So go on, see Cake Frame for yourself and unleash your creativity!

    - No need for dowels

    - Never have to drill, cut, or glue to your cake board again

    - Cut building and preparation time by 90%

    - Reusable

    - Dishwasher safe

    - Made in the UK
    The square platform pack is perfect for supporting your designs. Parts included:

    1 x Square Platform - 4"

    2 x Collars

    4 x Blanking Cap