Cake Frame Gravity Defying Pouring Kit
Cake Frame Gravity Defying Pouring Kit

Cake Frame Gravity Defying Pouring Kit


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  • Theres a new craze in the internet world and it looks fantastic.
    The soluton to boring cakes is pouring cakes. Pretty much anything that is available in small amounts and comes in a container can be made into a pouring cake.
    Lets face it if you spend hours on a cake you would hope that the person recieving the cake will love it, well how about audible gasps. This new kit will do just that. Cake frame gives your cake a backbone allowing you to move away from bottom heavy support structures to cakes wich can litterally stand on one leg and even hang upside down. 
    There are great new cake decorating products available all the time which make the difficult parts of cake decorating quicker and easier, but its not that often that you find something that completely changes the way we can create cakes.

    The support structure system by Cake Frame is easy to use and made from complety food grade materials. To create a similar structure you would otherwise need all sorts of toxic materials such as plumbing pipes nuts and bolts all of which are perfectly suited to a bathroom but definately should not be found in a cake.

    The Cake Frame Pouring kit comes with all you need to create the structure of a pouring cake including step by step instructions on how to make this jaw dropping style of cakes.

    All pieces in the kit are also available individially so you can easily recreate the world around you limited only by your imagination.

    Dawn has also created a series of youtube videos to exlain how to make a cake that appears to defy the laws of physics.

    Parts Included:

    1 x medium foundation

    1 x Short rod

    1 x Medium rod

    2 x Long rod

    1 x Lock nut

    4 x Blanking caps

    1 x 10" round base board

    1 x Elbow Joint