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Cake Marker Measurement Tool with adjustable marker pins
Directions for using Cake Marker Measurement Tool - 1. Measure 2. Mark 3. Pipe Decorations
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Cake Marker Measurement Tool For Perfect Placement of Swags and Stringwork Every Time


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Easily mark the sides of your cake for perfect placement of accents, borders and more!

  • Three marker pins snap into place along the edge of the vertical ruler with a stable base so you can mark the placement for decorations.
  • Imagine being able to easily mark three parallel lines around your cake for evenly distributed side decorations.
  • Or use it to divide your cake for evenly spaced garlands, drop strings, floral placement and much more.
  • No matter why you need to mark the sides of your cake, this tool can help you get it done accurately and inconspicuously.
  • So much easier than holding a ruler with one hand and trying to accurately mark with another.
  • An easy way to help you decorate accurately and inconspicuously

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