Cake support plates with 2inch center holes

Cake Support Coast Plates with 2 inch Center Hole for Cake Safe Use


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This Round Separator Plate with 2inch Center Hole Helps You Easily Create Beautiful Tiered Cakes

  • Round plate, 1 piece.
  • A single plate is needed to support the cake tier above it.
  • FDA Compliant and Food Safe Plastic.
  • EZ Cut Columns and plate attach together easily but snugly, prior to placing the columns and plate into the cake, allowing for ease and accuracy in centering and supporting layers
  • Round plates can be used for all shapes of cake: round, square, hexagon, etc.
  • Choose plates that are the same diameter of the cake to be placed on top of it, without being visible.
  • Use with EZ Cut Cake Support Columns 
  • The 18" diameter plate requires 6 columns.  All other plates require 4.
Additional Notes for Prepping
  • When creating a flush stacked cake (one tier directly on top of the other), remove the decorative rings from the column "feet" on the plate.  These pieces are intended for use when allowing air space between tiers for adding flowers or other decorations.  The rings imitate the look of the pillar tops of grecian columns.
  • Each plate comes with a center spike.   The spike is intended to help line up and center your cake above, and the spike is pressed into the cardboard round to help secure the round to the plate.  
  • You should press the cardboards onto the spikes prior to placing your cakes onto the corrugated rounds.
  • If you find the spike gets in your way when stacking, simply use a dremmel tool with cut off blade and remove the spikes before beginning your project.
  • We, at Art Is In Cakes, also like to drill a hole into the plate at each of the 4 column "feet" to allow air to escape up and out of the columns instead of pushing air into the cake as we press our columns down into the tier.