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Chocolate and Candy Lollipop Mold Spider on Web

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  • Four cavity mold for lollipops, perfect for Halloween!
  • This mold can withstand temperatures up to 375 degrees, so use it to bake shortbread cookies, or hard candy lollipops (we recommend liberal oiling of the mold first for hard candy).  These molds also work great for gelatin jiggler desserts.
  • Each piece is 2" x 2" x ⅝"
  • Suitable for hard candy and cookie making, as well as brownie bites and other small baked items.
  • Each detailed area can be painted a different shade of chocolate, using our melt and decorate easy squeeze and microwave safe chocolate bottles.
  • Wash in hot water. Avoid using soap on any mold, it will reduce the shine appearance of the finished product. Molds may be used many times
  • This mold can be used with our sucker sticks
  • First quality plastic mold, FDA approved
  • Use our CK Hard Candy Mix for easy hard candy or Isomalt.
  • To use:
    • Melt your confectionery coating chocolate.
    • Fill the mold.
    • Tap to release air bubbles.
    • Chill in the refrigerator until the mold appears a little frosty and chocolate is firm.
    • Move the mold to the freezer for 2 minutes, just before unmolding.
    • Remove from the freezer and gently remove the mold.
    • Turn the mold over and tap gently to release the chocolate or candy from the mold.