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Crimper Closed Curve for Scallop Designs


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  • A set of 2 closed curve crimpers with serrated edge.
  • The crimpers measure 13mm (0.5") and 19mm (3/4") and can be used to create patterns, borders and detailing in rolled fondant / sugarpaste.
  • This tool is especially helpful in creating scalloped edge designs on the top edge of your fondant covered cakes.
  • After covering your cakes with fondant, simply press the cripper to the soft fondant and squeeze, pinching the fondant between the crimper top and bottom.
  • Vary the thickness of the scallop by varying the amount of squeeze and adjusting the placement of the O ring.
  • The stainless steel adjustable o-ring crimper is a really clever little tool.
  • It works just like a pair of tweezers: simply squeeze together gently to emboss sugarpaste, marzipan and more with a beautiful scalloped design.
  • With the PME crimpers you can create a quick and neat decorative edge to enhance your iced board, cake or scene. Use the crimper on freshly iced cakes so the sugarpaste is still soft and will easily take the impression of the crimping tool. 
  • These crimping sets are great for adding that little bit extra to your cakes.
  • Whether you are decorating wedding cakes or birthday cakes you'll want to find an excuse to use these brilliant tools. Available in a range of designs, easy set consists of two crimpers.