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Confectionery Chocolate by the Pound Guittard Chocolate A'peels


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  • Guittard is known worldwide for it's delicious chocolates.  Their confectionery coating is just as tasty.
  • Confectionery coating is the perfect chocolate for making candies and chocolates.
  • As confectionery coating it is precisely formulated to skip the step of tempering.
  • Just melt on very low heat and pour.
  • Add Paramount Crystals to thin the confectionery coating to the perfect consistency for coating molds or pretzels and other items, without reducing the crisp firm snap of good chocolate.
  • Care and Use:
    • Heat gently on very low heat to prevent thickening.  If your chocolate begins to over thicken, you can improve viscosity by adding a small amount of Paramount Crystals to the bowl and melting it into your chocolate.  Add only a few flakes at a time until the desired consistency is achieved.
    • Prevent steam or water from getting into your chocolate.  Water will cause your chocolate to seize up and become chalky.  
    • Use only oil based flavors and colors in your chocolate.