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Cookie Cutter Witch’s Hat

Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & Supply

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  • Add some spice to that spider stew with this witch's hat cookie cutter. The sharp angles give this cutter a more creepy look, perfect for the old bat in your life.
  • Size is measured from the widest point.
    • Available in sizes:
      • 2in
      • 3in
      • 3.5in
      • 4in
      • 4.5in
      • 5in
  • This cookie cutter is Printed on Demand (POD) using our in house 3D printer.  When printing on demand, our turn around time is usually less that 48 hours.  If we feel your order may take longer, we will reach out to you as soon as we receive your order.  As soon as it is ready, we will text or email you as the order is fulfilled or notify you that the order has been boxed for shipping.
  • Quality American-made food grade plastic.
  • Each cutter can easily be used for cookie dough, as a pastry cutter or fondant cutter. They can also be used to create fun shapes in soft food such as cheese, sandwiches, fruit or Jello.
  • Many people also enjoy using them for craft projects, stocking stuffers, decorating or wedding favors, too.
  • Made in the USA, right here at Art Is In Cakes.
  • Care and Use: PLA cookie cutters do not withstand high heat and can warp in very hot water.  Hand wash, warm soapy water.  Do not place in the dishwasher.