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Flower Nail Set and Cupcake Nail Set White 4 piece


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  • 3 sizes of flower Nails : 1.5 , 2, 2.5 inch diameters
  • Includes a Cupcake Nail for a perfectly swirled top(2.25 in diameter), and the cupcake nail has a recessed platform for holding and finishing a standard sized cupcake. 
  • Attach Paper Icing square to the flat nail surface with a dot of icing.
  • Holding nail between thumb and forefinger, pipe flower onto square, using fingers to turn clockwise and counter clockwise without ever having to release the nail to adjust your hand and flower position.
  • These handheld nails provide the perfect turntable for close-up decoration.
  • The selection allows for the creation of virtually any size nail flower; Includes 1.5", 2" and 2.5" flower nails and 2.25"X2.25" cupcake nail.
  • Stems insert easily into nails to create a secure platform, but are easily removed for flat storage, and easy cleaning.